Rediscovering traditional pleasures

Traditionally manufactured products, villages – and much more that has preserved its original fascination over the course of many years: this is the proof that true quality stands the test of time. Here you will find inspiration as to how best to enjoy lasting tradition.

Amore, Mavrio e pasta

Report no. 05

The first pasta was prepared in the third century BC. What many people don't know is that it wasn’t the Italians that invented pasta but the Chinese. Pasta did not appear in Italy until the ninth century. It probably made its way to Sicily with Arabian invaders and/or dealers. From there it spread to the rest of Italy. Unlike the Chinese, the Italians soon came to eat their pasta as “pasta asciutta”: “dry”, i.e. not floating in soup but as the main element of a meal with a sauce. Numerous pasta shapes are produced in Italy. In many cases, individual villages even have their own pasta shape and preparation method. There are now some 600 different types of pasta in total. The wealthier the region in the past, the larger the quantity of egg in its traditional pasta dough. But all Italian pasta dishes have certain things in common: consistency, quality and a great passion for tradition – just like our Mavrio red wine Negroamaro Salento IGT.

Town gems with charm

Report no. 04

Anyone who appreciates well-preserved historical townscapes and traditional, small restaurants but hates crowds should make a beeline for one of Switzerland's lesser-known towns. Places like Romont, St. Ursanne, Baden, Rheinfelden and Bellinzona are well worth a visit and offer much in the way of sightseeing. And you're sure to be able to enjoy a glass or two of Mavrio in a local restaurant…

An enduring passion since 1842

Report no. 03

The crispbread produced by bakers Chilestägli in Arth is an expression of both consistency and character. A passion for pleasures of the palate has been burning here ever since 1842, when the wood-fired oven first saw use. No wonder Chilestägli crispbread was crowned Switzerland's best bread in 2010. The makers of the Mavrio are similarly keen to fan the flames of their winemaking passion by producing an incomparable product every year – which is why these two testaments to tradition go so well together.

Wine and cheese – ever the perfect couple

Report no. 02

What could be more enjoyable at the end of the working day than a fine glass of Mavrio red wine? This choice Negroamaro Salento IGT also goes perfectly with a piece of cheese – for example from a tradition-steeped enterprise such as that of the Walo von Mühlenen family in Düdingen/Fribourg. The company’s been producing cheese specialities for discerning palates for almost two hundred years – with passion, craftsmanship and immense skill.

Albulatal – a valley preserves traditional pleasures!

Report no. 01

Anyone who wants a special treat chooses potatoes from the Albulatal valley: time-honoured varieties have been grown there ever since 2003 because commonly available potatoes were not commercially viable in the mountain region. The project "Mountain Potatoes from Albulatal" now offers 36 varieties – with something to suit every connoisseur and every dish. Since Mavrio goes perfectly with fine specialities such as fried grated potatoes or cheese and jacket potatoes, this well-established duo is the ideal choice for a delicious evening meal.

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